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Newtownhamilton Primary School, Newtownhamilton

School Tour

Newtownhamilton Primary School is a co-educational school operating under the authority and control of the Education Authority. Pupils range in age from 4 to 11 years and enrolment for the current year - is 56 pupils (excluding Reception children).
The school building opened in 1955 following the amalgamation of a number of local schools. The building occupies an attractive site on the Armagh side of Newtownhamilton, adjoining Newtownhamilton High School.
The school consists of a main building with 3 permanent classrooms, and a further mobile classroom. We have access to a full size gymnasium/hall and stage area in the High School as well as a large canteen for school meals, just recently opened.
We also have the use of extensive grounds which include two tarmaced play areas (Rec - P2 children have a safe, enclosed play area with equipment and storage at the back of the school), a school garden with large planting boxes and a mini beast area, a full size football pitch and an additional grassed play area. Access to the 2G pitch has further enhanced our sporting opportunities.
We are very fortunate to be in a position to share facilities with the adjoining High School meaning that transition for our P7 children into Newtownhamilton High School is a very smooth process as our pupils are familiar with the buildings and staff from an early age. We also have a number of pupils each year who move further afield and continue their education in the local Grammar school, Armagh Royal.

If you wish to visit our school to view the facilities available please contact the Principal, Mrs Lynne Whitford to arrange an appointment. We look forward to meeting you.


Front Entrance

Although we share the site with Newtownhamilton High School each school has its own separate front entrance. Those children attending the Primary School enter school from the School Road end of the site and parents should drop off and pick up their children at this entrance. 
All visitors to the school are required to report to the School Secretary's Office on entering, or to the Principal, if Mrs Park is not available.
Parents are reminded to queue to avoid congestion on the road. Your children will be called from the playground and can be picked up once you have reached the gate of the school.


Infant Playground

Once the site of a mobile classroom the area has been cleared, surfaced and turned into an additional playground. Situated at the rear of the school this playground is for the exclusive use of all Reception, Year One and Year Two pupils. The playground is completely enclosed and can only be accessed from the main corridor of the school.
The playground is equiped with a wide range of infant toys and games, including scooters, bicycles, a see-saw, climbing frame, sand and water trays and a house area. Play time for children, during the morning break and at lunch time is fully supervised.


Upper School Playground & Playing Fields

The school has a large tarmaced playground at the front of the school building. The area is used all year round for a number of all weather games and PE activities.
It is also marked out to facilitate the Cycling Proficiency Scheme in which senior pupils participate biannually.
The playground leads to a wide expanse of grass which is shared between the High School and ourselves. The grass area contains a full size soccer pitch and it makes an excellent venue for Sports Day.
The fringes of the area are also used to promote our World Around Us and Environmental teaching.


Gardening Area

This area was set up in 2010 to provide an opportunity for all pupils to engage in planting and growing and to add a practical element to our science work on living things.
Finance from the Extended Schools Programme got the project up and running and since that time each class has experienced growing a range of vegetables, herbs and flowers.
In addition to the planters there are areas for planting flowers, bird boxes and in recent years a large picnic table has been added for children to take part in outdoor learning activities. 


Gymnasium / Assembly Hall

We are very fortunate to have the shared use of a full size gymnasium for our PE programme. This resource also doubles as an assembly hall and it is used on special occasions when parents and friends of the school come to see performances by the children or be present at Prize Distributions and fund raising events.
The gym is fully equipped and we have our own store off one side in which we keep our own PE resources and equipment.
The stage at one end of the hall is used for school plays and performances throughout the year.


The Main Corridor

All the classrooms, storerooms, toilets, staffroom and principal's office are accessed from the central corridor. It also provides access to the infant playground at the back of the school.
The walls of the corridor provide the space needed to display work completed by the children.
The door at the far end of the corridor leads to the High School and provides access to the Sports /Assembly Hall and the school canteen.
Our corridor was newly painted in 2018 , LED lighting was fitted in 2019.


The Library and ICT Area

Situated in Room 3 on the main corridor is the school's L ibrary and ICT suite.

Children come here to select library books for reading at home and to research school work. The library contains books for the whole primary range and also reference books to enable pupils to research projects and access information useful for their classroom activities.
Children are taught the ICT curriculum in this room. We are currently fundraising to add a computer bench and computer chairs and to add to our equipment to provide a full range of ICT experiences for our children. 

Again, the walls provide space for the display of children's work while desks provide an area for groups to come together to complete activties.  


The Year 3 & 4 Classroom

Years 3 & 4 are taught by Mrs Managh in the mobile classroom which is situated inside the school's front gate. The room is equipped with its own cloakroom and storeroom. An interactive smartboard has also been installed  and was a gift made to the school by Friends of Newtown Primary School, our parent support group. Mrs Managh is supported by classroom assistant, Mrs Leyburn.
The classroom was fitted with new desks and seating in 2017.


The Reception, Year 1 & 2 Classroom

This classroom is also equipped with an interactive smart board and is connected to the school's computer system which allows children to take advantage of primary school computer technology. Mrs Cargill is currently  the class teacher along with the Foundation Stage classroom assistant, Miss McNiece. This class caters for pupils from the age of 4 to 6. The room is equipped with a wide variety of resources which are designed to stimulate and educate the minds of the youngest children in the school. The class also takes advantage of teaching space just off the main corridor and has its own tarmaced play area at the rear of the school.
The classroom was fitted with new desks and seating in 2017.


The Year 5, 6 & 7 Classroom

The Year 5, 6 & 7 classroom is in Room 1 on the school's main corridor opposite the curriculum support room. It is also equipped with an interactive smartboard.  Mrs Foster teaches Years 5, 6 & 7 and is supported by classroom assistant, Mrs P Knight.
Year 5/6/7 pupils have the opportunity to works towards the AQE exam in school if they have chosen to sit it.
The classroom was fitted with new desks and seating in 2017.


School Toilets

Newtownhamilton Primary School were delighted to benefit from a complete refurbishment of their boys and girls toilets in Term 3 2019.

The toilet facilities are of an excellent standard and were fully funded by the Education Authority.
They have floor to ceiling tiles, extractor fans, and mirrored vanity units in both the boys and girls areas.


Curriculum Support

We are very fortunate to have a Curriculum Support teacher who works 2 days a week in this role, withdrawing children individually or in small groups to support them in literacy and/or numeracy. We have access to a variety of other programmes to support our children including Well Comm (a speech and language toolkit), dyslexia screeners and a Motor Sensory group.